As a Matter of Fact

The Post-truth Cabaret


What happens in an era in which the truth is of no importance, but the public demands a single, unequivocal truth?

In the Post-truth era, there are those who spread alternative facts and false truths, as they call them, in order to shape reality in a way that suits their interests. And the result? Is scary. Very scary.

“As a Matter of Fact” is a satirical cabaret, comprised of original skits and musical numbers bringing the issue of the post-truth era to the Israeli stage for the first time. The show examines the fields in which alternative facts become dangerous and confronts the audience with the effects of this phenomenon on our lives. 

“We can’t change facts; but we have the words to play with” (Hanoch Levin)

Onstage: Ofek Aharoni, Noa Engel, Danielle Nachum/Mika Nadel, Adva Rafael/Dar Rosenbaum, Ido Kolton, Yuval Corne, Saar Shani

Behind the scenes: Rom Reznik, Adi Gortler, Barak Gadasi, Nimrod Danishman, Liya Hozeh, Omer Boulanger Cohen, Eliad Sudai

The show premiered as part of the Teatroneto Festival with the support of Seminar Hakibutzim School of Performance Arts and went on to play regularly at Habima National Theater and Tzavta Theater.