For Real

A Theatrical Podcast


A documentary show featuring stories from real life, combined with recorded voiceover material and live music. Just like a radio show - but live. 

In the months prior to the show, we gather stories relating to a specific subject, record them and mold them into a script. We wrap this script with live music and develop it for the stage. Onstage is a collage of storytelling performers, voiceovers of people telling their own story and live music. The performances are set in proximity to holidays and national events to allow them to become a sort of secular synagogue.

The members of For Real: Nimrod Danishman, Sivan Lifshitz, Itay Laor

Our first show: Love without Defenses

About that moment that caught you unprepared, that you didn’t see coming. That moment when you raised your gaze and caught someone else’s. The moment, in the least expected place and time, when you fell in love. All in. Without defenses.

Our first show was created for Tu B’Av (the Jewish Valentine’s day), comprised of five stories of falling in love.

Additional performers: Tom Harari, Adi Keshet Cohen.

Our second show: Impostors 

Sometimes you want to be someone else, sometimes you have no choice but to, sometimes someone just assumed that... and you find yourself taking on a character without meaning to. Yes, sometimes thousands of human options we have within us take form for one small or ongoing moment, and then – whether we planned to or not – we become impostors.

Our second show was created for Purim, comprised of seven stories of impersonation.

Additional performers: Tom Harari, Guy Davidov, Or Edri.

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The members of For Real

Sivan Lifshitz


Itay Laor

Nimrod Danishman